Rebecca Witham - founder of Snuggles and Kisses  I’m Rebecca, and my love of creating began a long time ago.
In fact, one of my earliest memories is watching my mum on her sewing machine. I would watch, spellbound, at the beautiful fabrics, the cutting process, and clothing she would create from scratch. I even snuck onto her machine once when I was around 4 years old to have a go at sewing the pages of my Andy Pandy book together - but managed to sew my finger instead! 
Thankfully my technique improved over time, and after studying Fashion Design and Technology for 7 years in total, I then enjoyed a lengthy and rewarding career as a Fashion Designer before going freelance after my first-born Charlie arrived early in 2010.
Charlie arrived at 32 weeks, weighing just 4lbs 4oz and it struck me, amid the chaos of early motherhood, that there were very few clothing options for premature or tiny babies. Then just under three years later, when my daughter Ava arrived, they both inspired my decision to make my dream of creating my own exclusive yet affordable children’s range a reality.
I started dressing Ava in samples of the range when we visited local baby groups, where orders for my designs soon started pouring in. Soon after this I secured my first retail stockist, and my new range began to rapidly grow.
By day I immersed myself in the mayhem of motherhood, and by night I pored over fabrics, creating designs as Charlie and Ava slept (or didn't sleep which was more of the case!). It wasn’t easy and I was absolutely exhausted, but it brought me to where I am today, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.
It was as I sat breastfeeding my daughter one day, with 3 year old Charlie trying to squeeze in for a cuddle, that the perfect name for my business came to me. Because, as we all know, despite the exhaustion, the worries and the struggles, life with little ones really is all about the snuggles and kisses..They're the best bit, and what make it all worth it!
In 2016 I brought the Snuggles and Kisses range, together with a selection of classic toys, and beautiful hand-crafted items, to my own boutique.  The Snuggles and Kisses Baby & Children’s Boutique had its grand opening in Beeston, Nottingham on 4th June 2016 - where we have continued to create and grow ever since.
We offer:
  • Snuggles and Kisses clothing and accessories  (Sizes from premature)
  • A made to order service at no extra cost
  • New Baby gifts
  • Greetings Cards
  • Printed T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies for Adults and Kids
  • Personalisation service
  • Baby/Childrens Books
  • Soft Toys
  • Traditional wooden toys
  • Retro toys
Our exclusive designs are all made in the boutique, which also allows me to meet our wonderful customer base. It is a real privilege to be a small part of people’s world: whether it’s a mum with a tiny new bundle, a child trying out everything from toys to hats, or a friend shopping for new baby gifts.
I really love what I do, and hope that as you shop the site, you do, too.
Snuggles and Kisses can be found on Facebook and Instagram, where you are welcome to say hello and stay up-to-date. You can also send a message with any questions or enquiries right here on the site. 
Thanks for shopping with Snuggles and Kisses.
Rebecca x